Mission Statement  

Welcome to Kids & Company Pre-K       

We provide a safe, educational center for lifelong learning. We are dedicated to developing the potential of each individual, encouraging community awareness, and stressing the importance of academic excellence.

We lead in preparing students for the challenges of progress and change through development of the skills necessary to become lifelong learners in order that they may live successful and productive lives.

  About The School  

Why Kids & Company?

  • Each class is led by Certified Early Childhood teachers with full-time assistants
  • Learning centers to meet developmental needs of each child
  • Computerized instruction to support learning
  • Equipped playground area with tricycle path
  • OWLs Curriculum
  • Field trips to enhance student learning
  • After School Program


The Kids and Company Pre-Kindergarten program is based on the philosophy that parents are the child’s first and most important teachers. We believe children learn best in a classroom that provides age-appropriate educational activities and reflects their cultural individualities. We believe children can reach their fullest potential when both home and school work together toward common goals.


• To foster a nurturing relationship between children and their caregivers.
• To facilitate connections among families and schools.
• To provide information and support to families.
• To recognize that each child and family is unique and wonderful.
• To teach children to value, accept and understand other cultures.
• To increase caregivers’ knowledge of age-appropriate parenting skills.

Bright from the Start

Kids & Company Pre-K participates in the Bright from the Start program. For more information, click below.